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Keyword Suggestions

Just enter your keyword, KeySugget will give you a huge list of keyword with powerfull filter options.

Trends Graph

Historical data is very useful when deciding your keyword list. So, we provide last 12 month data.

Keyword Overview

Keyword matrices are still the key when decided a keyword, here you get matrices like search volume, paid commendation.

Keyword Suggestions


We give you every keywoerd that we know! We do not hide any data from our end!


Our filter function may be little confusing, but when you get use to of it you get the point why its the most powerfull out there the the market.

Keyword Suggestions​ report FREE keyword research tool
Trends Graph report FREE keyword research tool

Trends Graph

CLEAN Design

A clean minimalist design for a better user experience!

12 Months data

Here you get the 12-month data for free, unlike other tools we do not hide any part of Trend Graph.

Keyword Overview

Search Volume

Search volume is a metric that shows how many people are searching for a particular query.

paid competitions

Competition checker helps you analyze keyword competition by running a Google keyword paid difficulty check.

Keyword Overview report FREE keyword research tool


Most frequent questions and answers

Why you are here? Because you are looking for something FREE, easy to use, and based on google databases, right? Keysuggest is a simple tool its 100% FREE, easy to use, no signup need. Feel free to use it.

As for now KeySuggest is FREE for everyone.

Yes, Of course, there is no rocket science here! Keyword search is an important part of SEO, and KeySuggest will take care of your keyword research needs.

KeySuggest will always provide the best keywords for your business! Key Suggest is always improving and we release major versions every 2 months.

Note: This is version 4.0 of Keysuggest

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