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Why you are here? Because you are looking for something FREE, easy to use, and based on google databases, right? Keysuggest is a simple tool its 100% FREE, easy to use, no signup need. Feel free to use it.

As for now keysuggest’s Alphabet soup Tool is FREE for everyone.

Yes, Of course, there is no rocket science here! Keyword search is an important part of SEO, and Keysuggest’s Alphabet soup Tool will take care of your keyword research needs.

KeySuggest will always provide the best keywords for your business! Key Suggest is always improving and we release major versions every 2 months.

Note: This is version 4.0 of Keysuggest

Google Alphabet Soup Method

Complete Guide

What is the alphabet soup method?

Everyone I’ve ever introduced this method to didn’t realize they were already using it! When you reframe the way you think about your Google searches, you’ll find keyword research can be a little fun.
Also, this method is free. (That’s a big deal when you don’t have a budget for the cool tools!)
Let’s say you are a food blogger and amazing baker you want to write a post about fondant. (Um, it’s totally possible this is directly related to attempting to decorate a cake with my daughter.)

This is where Google’s suggest feature becomes very helpful.

Start typing a title you think someone looking for instructions on working with or making fondant might need. For this example, I used how to make fondant.
You’ll type in your phrase plus a letter in the alphabet.


Google will autosuggest phrases based on popular searches given those parameters. You can go all the way through the alphabet depending on what you are looking for.


It really is that easy to get started! Keep a list of phrases as you search. They may inspire other blog posts or content ideas for the future as well.

Generate Content Ideas using alphabet soup method?

When your aim is potentially to write hundreds of posts on your websites, coming up with ideas week in and week out can be challenging – especially if you’re quite new to writing your own content!
It’s no wonder so many of us get writer’s block from time to time.

For months when I started, I actually completely didn’t look into using this technique.
But now I realize that it really can give you tonnes of ideas that you never would have considered otherwise – and it’s more enjoyable to experiment with it than I first imagined.

How does the Alphabet Soup Technique Work?

To get started with the Alphabet Soup Technique, you’ll need to head over to Google and type a term into the search bar. In this example, I’ll be using the term “keyword research”. As you can see from the screenshots below, all you really have to do is type in your keyword in the search bar + a letter from the alphabet. Google Instant will list the most popular searched terms first.

Keyword Research + “a”

Screen Shot 2016 08 28 at 01.21.18

Keyword Research + “b”

Screen Shot 2016 08 28 at 01.21.27


Keyword Research + “c”

Screen Shot 2016 08 28 at 01.21.33

The “before” variation

You can find further keywords by putting the chosen letter in front of your keyword. See below for examples:

“a” + Keyword Research

Screen Shot 2016 08 28 at 01.21.44


“b” + Keyword Research

Screen Shot 2016 08 28 at 01.21.59

All the results won’t be perfect, but you can essentially see that this method allows you to potentially generate an endless amount of keywords for your niche.

Props of alphabet soup method?

  • Free:

The Alphabet Soup Technique is completely free, all you need is access to the Google search engine (or any other search engine).

  • Easy to use:

This technique is so easy to use and doesn’t require any technical knowledge. So long as you know how to search on Google you’re good to go.

  • Lots of results:

Using this technique will allow you to generate lots of keyword results, and there are so many different ways to generate new keywords.

  • New content ideas:

The Alphabet Soup Technique is great for helping generate new content ideas for your websites or youtube channels. As mentioned before, it can even help you come up with new ideas for products to sell in your e-commerce store.

  • No need to join or download software:

When using the Alphabet Soup Technique there’s no need for you to sign up to any program or to download any software. You just head over to Google (or any other search engine) and start searching.

  • The method can be used on other search engines:

Another good thing about this technique is that it doesn’t have to be limited to only Google. You can use this method on Bing and Yahoo, as well as Youtube, for some extra results.

Cons of alphabet soup method?

  • No Stats:

When using this tool with Google Instant (or other search engines), you don’t get to see the detailed statistics for any particular search term. For example, you’re not able to see how many searches your chosen keywords get monthly, and how much traffic you can expect to receive. It’s also harder to gauge the competition for that keyword.

  • Can be time-consuming: (until KeySuggest was not launched)

This is a problem that usually comes from free methods. Using the Alphabet technique with Google Instant (or other search engines) can be a bit time-consuming cause you have to manually go through each letter of the alphabet to get new results.

This con is now solved by Keysuggest’s FREE Google Alphabets soup tool.

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