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Keyword golden ratio Calculator is a very easy-to-use tool. In Keyword golden ratio Calculator you have a box where you can enter your main keyword and It has a submit button labeled as “Calculate” just click the button and you get the result.


We want to ease your work by Keyword golden ratio Calculator in this amazing tool just put your keyword and one single click and you got the Keyword golden ratio value of your keyword.


Most frequent questions and answers

What is the Keyword golden ratio?

KGR stands for Keyword golden ratio, Keyword golden ratio is a keyword research technique to find very low competition keywords. If you get a KGR keyword and write a good article about it then you rank for the keyword between 24-48 hours after indexed.

KGR helpful for new websites: KGR keywords are very low competition so if any new website or blog writes a good article in KGR keyword, that article gonna rank in Google, and the website start getting traffic. Yes, traffic is not much but for the new websites, it’s great. KGR = allintitle/monthly search volume KGR is a ratio of ‘allintitle’ (Google search operator) divided by monthly searches.

Does keyword golden ratio work?

Yes, but it is best for new websites. Writing articles about KGR keyword is good for every website but if your website is new and have DA below then 20 KGR is best for you because at that point if you write articles about a popular topic that have millions of search then you can’t rank for that keyword. So you have to write a ton of KGR articles and when your website grows enough and builds authority in Google then you start writing articles about a popular topic. The simple answer is Yes keyword golden ratio works. I want to share some case study

Keyword golden ratio case study.

    • Case study #1
This is a case study of my other blog. About 1 year ago I started a tech blog. I wrote great content about almost 10 popular topics in technology. Guess what happens I failed no one rank in Google even only one of those gets the 2-page position(After applying a lot of SEO techniques). After that, I stop working on that site and leave it. 5-6 months ago when I heard about KGR, and I was thinking I should try it. So I write great content on KGR keywords, Guess what happened this time? Yes, you guess right it rank. See my analysis before KGR and after KGR.
KGR case study: Google Analytics growth
KGR case study: Google Analytics growth
    • Case study #2
This is a case study of my friend. When I see the above awesome results on my site, I tell the KGR technique to my friend and this blog also gets rank. Here is his Google Analytics.
KGR case study: Google Analytics growth #2
KGR case study: Google Analytics growth #2
    • Case study #3
This is a case study of one of our email subscribers. This is the blog of our email subscriber, Prashant. Even all credit for this tool goes to him. He emails me (at [email protected]) and suggests I look up the KGR technique. He is an Amazon affiliate marketer so he shares this Amazon affiliate earning. Before KGR and After KGR
KGR case study: Amazon Affilate growth
KGR case study: Amazon Affilate growth

How to get the ‘allintitle’ results count of keywords?

Follow the below instructions.
  • Add “allintitle:” suffix for your Keyword
E.g: If Your keyword is “how to do SEO” then you need to search “allintitle:how to do SEO”.
  • Enter your keyword in Google
  • Click on the Search button
  • As you see below, there is some text before the first listing that contains several results. You can also see a similar thing for your keyword
  • That’s the number of allintitle results count of your keyword.
Note down the number and past it on our tool to get the KGR value.

How keyword golden ratio?

The answer to how is simple … this website is the Keyword golden ratio Calculator. We did everything for you you just need to past the keyword. But if you are interested to know how KGR is calculated read the below paragraph. The Keyword Golden Ratio is this: The number of Google results that have the keyword phrase in the title divided by the monthly search volume. If the KGR is less than 0.25, then you should rank in the top 50 as soon as your page is indexed.

Why keyword golden ratio?

KGR Keywords are simply low competition Keywords. So, they are easy to rank. If you can find these keywords and write content targeting that keyword, then your article will be under the top 40 in the search result in few days or sometimes even within hours. If your site has some authority, then you can rank in the top 15 within few hours. I recommend you to see some keyword golden ratio case studies after that you got your answer.