Parts of an Email Address [Plus a SURPRIZE for You]

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Parts of an Email Address

Email is a very common medium of communication used by almost everyone including business, educations, and personal life. Email is a kind of service that works similarly to the postal service. So have you ever think what are the Parts of an Email Address.

In order to send an email to anyone, you must have their email address.

This brings a question what exactly is an email address, and what are the parts to compose a valid email address.
Let begin,

What are the parts of an email address?

There are three parts of email address username, at-symbol, and domain name. The first, username this part can include alphabets, numbers, and dots, that’s the only part of an email that you can customize, the second part of an email is an at symbol (@) the last part of an email is the domain name, this domain is coms form the email service provider.

Let’s get deep right into it!

Parts of an email address
Parts of an email address

Email address has three parts vs four parts

Some time few people often say that an email address has four parts, they just spit domain name‘s part as two separate parts, domain, and domain extension. So, who is right? There is 3 parts or 4 parts? It’s totally up to your preference, there is not stick standard for this.

Email addresses have three parts.

1. Username

This is the first part of an Email Address, Username may include alphabets, numbers, and dots. The username must be unique on every mail server. For example, if something using Gmail with a username of “rohitnishad” then no one can use this same username on Gmail, he/she must use a different username such as “rohitnishad123”, etc but you can use that username on other mail servers, for example, Yahoo, etc.

2. At sign (@)

This is the second part of an Email Address, At sign is very just it is just a special character in the ASCII character set. It is now seen more widely in email addresses. At sign is used to separate the username part from the domain name part of an email address. The idea of including At sign in an email address was given by Ray Tomlinson.

3. Domain name

This is the last part of an email address, this is a domain name of the mail server, A domain name is used to tell where the server is located on the internet. You can’t change this part of any mail server but every mail server has its own domain name, for example, Gmail has its own domain name “”, Yahoo has its own domain “”, etc.


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If you have any questions about email addresses leave a comment below.

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